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How are you liking the Demigod Camp so far?
I love it! I have wanted a site like this for ages 19

I like it, I would reccomend. 6

I like it, but not what I expected. 1

It's okay for a new website 4

It sucks, I didn't even get the cabin I want. 0

It really sucks. I hate it. Wouldn't reccomend. 0

May as well delete the site. No ones gonna use it. 0

30 votes
The Campsite
<center><img src="http://files.iclanwebsite ... phalfblood.png" width="660" height="463" border="0" usemap="#imap_0" >
<map id="imap_0" name="imap_0" ><area shape="rect" alt="The Big House" title="" coords="317,347,417,431" href=" ... m/board/76737" target="" /><area shape="rect" alt="The Forge" title="" coords="181,318,231,363" href=" ... m/board/82062" target="" /><area shape="rect" alt="The Cabins" title="" coords="349,233,395,308" href=" ... category/42593" target="" /><area shape="rect" alt="Mess Hall" title="" coords="379,143,419,193" href=" ... m/board/77681" target="" /><area shape="rect" alt="Bathrooms" title="" coords="411,236,425,287" href=" ... m/board/94042" target="" /><area shape="rect" alt="The Arena" title="" coords="257,253,309,282" href=" ... m/board/76779" target="" /><area shape="rect" alt="Climbing Wall" title="" coords="511,78,553,159" href=" ... m/board/97435" target="" /><area shape="rect" alt="Arts and Crafts" title="" coords="453,305,511,353" href=" ... m/board/77680" target="" /><area shape="rect" alt="The Labyrinth" title="" coords="51,170,109,200" href=" ... m/board/78733" target="" /><area shape="rect" alt="Zeus' Fist" title="" coords="57,206,113,242" href=" ... m/page/olympus" target="" /><area shape="rect" alt="Armory" title="" coords="179,255,229,303" href=" ... m/awards" target="" /><area shape="rect" alt="Amphitheater" title="" coords="523,206,613,245" href=" ... m/board/77147" target="" /><area shape="rect" alt="Half-blood Hill" title="" coords="555,412,621,448" href=" ... m/board/77170" target="" /><area shape="poly" alt="Thalia's Pine" title="" coords="543,400,580,334,604,400" href=" ... m/board/77667" target="" /><area shape="poly" alt="North Woods" title="" coords="95,134,164,126,336,124,362,163,308,211,278,224,286,240,170,253,116,254" href=" ... m/board/77148" target="" /><area shape="poly" alt="Fireworks Beach" title="" coords="351,82,502,62,434,109,376,102" href=" ... m/board/76767" target="" /><area shape="poly" alt="Canoe Lake" title="" coords="475,239,488,223,510,247,510,270,456,281,440,270,446,248" href=" ... m/board/77670" target="" /><area shape="poly" alt="Volleyball Court" title="" coords="455,418,538,389,500,374,478,378,448,372,448,394,422,401" href=" ... m/board/136692" target="" /><area shape="poly" alt="Pegasus Stables" title="" coords="37,297,130,258,156,292,134,292,146,316,46,317" href=" ... m/board/97436" target="" /><area shape="poly" alt="Strawberry Fields" title="" coords="43,335,148,326,192,386,228,402,240,437,152,440,54,417" href=" ... m/board/136693" target="" /></map></center>
The Campsite
Climbing Wall
Try to make it to the top with the lava flowing down the sides and the rock walls smashing.
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Pegasus' Stables
Learn to ride the pegasi. It can take years of practise, but we promise we won't let you fall.
19th Feb 2017 by Counselor Olympea in Pet Share Post.
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The Volleyball Court
The volleyball court is used for discussions about sports
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Canoe Lake
Come here to swim, sunbathe, flirt or even battle with Greek war triremes!
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Half Blood Hill
Half-Blood Hill is the entrance to Camp Half-Blood which is located in Long Island, New York City.
Subforums: Thalia's Pine
226 Posts
9 Topics
The Woods
The Woods are the most dangerous and mysterious part of the camp. Capture the flag happens in here.
Subforums: The Labyrinth
22nd Feb 2017 by Jace Beleren in List of gamer u...
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The Arena
The Sword Fighting Arena is where Campers go to duel and practice sword play.
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RPG Lounge
General Roleplay
This is where roleplays are usually held. Your roleplay can be about anything in this section.
Subforums: Find A Partner
13th Apr 2017 by Jace Beleren in A New Life Begi...
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Roleplay Academy
The Roleplay Academy is a great place to learn how to Roleplay. We have teachers to help you!
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Percy Jackson
37 Posts
13 Topics
20th Feb 2017 by ApolloBlack Widow in Percy Jackson a...
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Other Forums
The Fanfiction Forum
Discuss your favourite fanfiction here, an author thread for your fanfictions.
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Groups Forum
Talk about your favourite groups in the groups forum! Advertise your group or invite others to join.
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The Bathrooms
Come talk about personal matters in the bathrooms
13th Apr 2017 by ApolloAlthea Terrin (Chen) in The Bathroom St...
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The Forge
The forge is where demigods can make their weapons. So why buy your swords and spears?
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Mess Hall
Come and have your meals here, the goblets are enchanted!
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Arts and Crafts
We encourage you campers to make your own projects...a statue of Poseidon perhaps?
13th Apr 2017 by Jace Beleren in Your favourite ...
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The Ampitheater
This is the music forum. Nightly sing-alongs occur here.
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The Big House
The Camp Headquarters. This is where all councils are held and where important news is posted.
13th Apr 2017 by Jace Beleren in Favourite Manga...
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