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How are you liking the Demigod Camp so far?
I love it! I have wanted a site like this for ages 19

I like it, I would reccomend. 6

I like it, but not what I expected. 1

It's okay for a new website 4

It sucks, I didn't even get the cabin I want. 0

It really sucks. I hate it. Wouldn't reccomend. 0

May as well delete the site. No ones gonna use it. 0

30 votes
The Campsite
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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
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Counselor Olympea 20th Nov 2013

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Movie discussions about Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief. 
BLMB 10th Jun 2014

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I actually hate this movie sooooooo freaking much.
It was unreliable, and it didn't follow the plot at all. They changed so many details that didn't even need to be changed. It wasn't true to the whole feel of the book and how it's supposed to go about it.
I hate this movie. Like. Gosh.
It's a good stand-alone movie, given, but as a movie based on a book it was horribly annoying and disappointing.

I mean... first, Annabeth's blonde. Then Chiron's horse-half is brown instead of white. Then apparently Grover's character is black (though I'm actually okay with their portrayal of Grover, he was quite amusing). Mr. D wasn't there, and neither was Clarisse, when the two play roles that are of interest. Sure, they bring those characters in in the second movie, but it doesn't change how they excluded them completely from the first. The scene in the Lotus Casino wasn't really expanded. Since when did Persephone actually help them? That never happened. Why in the world did Luke become a bad guy? Why the hell did Luke and Percy have this showdown that was never in the book? Why does Percy have full control of his powers when he barely knows how to use it yet? Where's Ares? How come Olympus doesn't look too amazing? Why is Percy already in love with Annabeth when their feelings develop over the course of the entire series?

It's just... bad. The movie sucked so much, and I can't believe they were allowed to make so many changes that it disgraces the book that way. Gosh.

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Counselor Olympea 22nd Dec 2016

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Just rewatched this movie. I haven't read the books, so like I enjoyed it...but yet it bored me at the same time so I am a little indecisive...obviously.

I don't know like I enjoyed the storyline in a way? But I felt the movie felt a little...fake?
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ApolloBlack Widow 20th Feb 2017

Joined: 20th Feb 2017
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I enjoyed the movie, like... I know it could be better? But I guess if you pretend to not have ready anything about Percy Jackson at all the movie is quite enjoyable.
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