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How are you liking the Demigod Camp so far?
I love it! I have wanted a site like this for ages 19

I like it, I would reccomend. 6

I like it, but not what I expected. 1

It's okay for a new website 4

It sucks, I didn't even get the cabin I want. 0

It really sucks. I hate it. Wouldn't reccomend. 0

May as well delete the site. No ones gonna use it. 0

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Counselor Olympea 19th Nov 2013

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We understand that coming into a new site would be really new and confusing for you. At this point in time you are probably lost. Do not be afraid to ask questions, we are always here to help. However, we do request that you read over the FAQs below. The least thing we want is you to ask a question that has already been answered. 


So I have just registered. What do I do now? 
There are loads of things to do on this site, but if you had just registered the first thing you should probably do is get claimed. By getting claimed you get a cabin. Cabins are the locations for some of the fun in this camp. It is the primary place where you get to meet friends that would likely last a lifetime. If you haven't been sorted yet I say hang around Halfblood Hill, it is the entrance to the camp. We don't want you carrying your luggage around the campsite...but if you insist, just click on the Campsite link and feel free to enter any area you please.

I just filled out the Get Claimed Questionnaire, now where's my cabin?
The Claiming Process can be as short as 1 hour and as long as 48 hours. Be patient, the Olympians are reading your answers and are trying to decipher if you really are their child. Once you do get claimed you will receive a welcome letter with most of the links provided. You will know that you have been claimed when a new link appears in your navigation bar called "Your Cabin." Click on it, and you're home. 

 I was exploring the campsite, but when I tried to go to the Fireworks Beach it said I wasn't allowed in there. Why is this?
The Fireworks Beach is strictly an 18+ zone so if you are under 18 unfortunately you would have to wait a few years. If you are 18 and cannot enter the grounds all it means is that we haven't verified your age yet. As this Fireworks Beach is strictly for people aged above 18, the most secure way to add you to that section of the camp is to give you entrance. Yes we could have just let people in when they registered their birthday, but there are still people out there who try to register with a false age, sometimes we might even ask for proof. It is safer to just give people individual access. If you really want to get into that section now, you are 18, then don't be afraid to click an Olympian in the chat box or IMing them. I (Jannine) get notifications on my phone every time someone sends me a message so I will see it straight away.

Why do I see some people with a glow to their name, whilst others don't?
The "glow" to someone's name helps differentiate them apart from anyone else. If someone has a "glow" to their name, it means one thing and that is, that they are an Olympian. 

What is an Olympian?
In the Demigod camp we have a heirarchy. At the very top of that heirarchy are the Olympians. The Olmpians are the ones that help to run this website. They do all the coding, finance, graphics, logistics and all of that stuff that makes the website as best as it could be. If you have a problem we recommend that you do not go directly to them. The best people to direct any issues to are the people who come under the Olympians in the Hierarchy and they are the Staff Members. Each Staff Member has their own area of specialty that they manage. If you have an issue it is best to go to our Staff Page in the About Us  section and find the best staff member to IM. For example if you have and issue to do with user accounts it is best to IM Charmedeema, if you have an issue with the Labyrinth, it is best to IM Paosants and so on. Although Staff Members have their own area of expertise, when it comes to cabin matters no staff member can directly help you. The best person to help you address your issues with your cabin is your cabin counselor. You should know who that is but if you dont, you can easily find that in the Counselor section in the About Us page.

Please note however, if you have any concerns with bullying, or feeling that any of the other staff members or counselors are a threat to your enjoyment to this website, PLEASE IM Jannine straight away. Bullying by the staff will not be tolerated, no matter how high up their position is. 

What do the coloured beads in my profile and under my name in the forums represent?
Seriously? As you are on a Percy Jackson really should know what that is. The beads for any person represent how long they have been active on this website. So if someone has one bead it means they haven't completed a full year on the website yet. If they have two it means that they have been on the website for over a year.
Think of it this way, one bead = they are in their first year, two beads = they are in their second year...and so forth.
However, just because you have been on this website for years doesn't mean you'll get a bead. You need at least 500 points that year to get a bead, and the system needs to have you marked as active.

System needs to mark me as active? What does that mean?
If you have not logged on for 90days or more, the system automatically marks you as inactive. That is all that means.

I have been on this website for more than five years, how come I don't get more beads?
Firstly, it is slightly worrying that you have been on this site for that long...only kidding...
The reason why we don't have more than five beads is because after five years we mark you as a "graduate." The reason for that is because, in the books demigods usually only stay as students until they graduate from high school so...17 or 18. High school usually lasts from ages 13-18 so that is a total of 5 years.

What happens when I've completed my five years?
You receive an award for completion. This gets shown as a badge in your profile.

What are awards?
Awards, Awards, Awards. Awards are really hard to get most of the time, so people usually work to collect them. These get displayed on a user's profile near their name.

I really want to be counselor of my cabin. When and how often are elections?
In DGC we do not have elections. To be a counselor you have to challenge the current counselor. Like in the books you have to win this spot through a number of duels. In DGC we have A few rounds.
The Duels: There are three types of duels to be completed: the logic duel, the writer's duel and the mystery duel
The Speech and Q&A round: Where members of your cabin can ask you questions.
The voting polls: members of your cabin can vote

Please note that you get a mark from each of these rounds. Although you have the most votes, doesn't mean you will win the battle.
A cabin's counselor can only be challenged once a year.

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