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A Guide To Capture The Flag
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Counselor Olympea 20th Feb 2014

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Capture the flag is a long time tradition in the Demigod Camp. Campers in the camp play using a wide amount of swords, armor and magical weapons. The game is considered a dangerous sport as it is set in the forest where monsters and other obstacles are hiding and waiting to attack.

Two teams are made and they each have one flag. On each side of the forest, both teams hide their flag somewhere visible, but easily defensible. To win for your team you need to capture the opponents flag and carry it across the river over to your territory. 

Flags- Prior to the game, the captain of each team must IM Chiron the coordinates of their flag.

Players-Each team has 5 players and each player has 25 weapon points. The 25 weapon points allow the user to choose weapons as long as their total points are less than 25. However, a player may only have a maximum of 3 weapons and the player must actually own these items in their inventory.
For eg. As a lines men I have to both defend and attack. I choose to have the Helm of Darkness which has 10 points and then I choose the Lightning Bolt which has 12 points. This makes a total of 22 points. Although I can technically have one more weapon to reach my allowance of 3 weapons, that last weapon needs to be 3 points or less. As I have no weapons in my inventory with that amount of points, I may only bring my 2 weapons to the game. 
The captain of each team must IM the player sheet with their username, position and chosen items to Chiron.
NOTE: Each team has 24 hours to send their rosters and coordinates. If they post late, they lose a post from each round. Each player will also lose one point with each post.

Guards-Guards cannot leave the flag zone. If they do their team automatically loses a post in the next round. As they cannot leave the flag zone, the only other players that the guard should interact with are the strikers on the opposing team or the lines men on their own team. They are banned from any interaction with their own strikers, the opposing team's lines men or the opposing team's guard.
The role of the guard is to defend their own flag. Therefore, they are not allowed to attack. If they successfully defend their flag against a striker attack, one lines men of their own team may be awarded an extra post to imprison that striker in their respective jail. Even if both linesmen had already posted.

Strikers- The striker's starting point is at the territory boundary line. However, from the initial horn, strikers must travel over to their opponent's territory. At no point in the game is the striker allowed to travel back to their own territory (this includes when they have captured the flag.) 
Strikers are the only people who can retrieve the flag. The lines men can touch the flag, but only if a striker on their own team passes it to them and has already exited the flag zone. For eg. If a striker has retrieved the flag from the flag zone, they may then pass the flag to a lines men who runs it over to their own territory.
Once a striker has retrieved the flag and has left the flag zone, a guard can no long intercept them. The only people who can try to intercept them are the lines men of the opposing team. The lines men of the opposing team must then run the flag back to it's original location otherwise the "striker must touch the flag first" rule does not apply. Meaning if a striker had retrieved the flag and then was intercepted by the opposing team's lines men, the lines men on their own team can try retrieve that flag again, provided it wasn't returned to their original location. However, if the striker was intercepted by a lines men and they run the flag back to the original location, the process begins again and only the strikers can retrieve the flag from the flag zone. 

Lines Men- Lines men start at the territory boundary line and can travel back to their own flag, up to their opponent's flag zone. However, they cannot enter the opponents' flag zone. Therefore, they are banned from retrieving the opponents' flag from its location. However, the flag can be passed to them provided that a striker on their team had retrieved the flag. For eg. Char is one of my teams' strikers, she retrieves the flag and passes it to Edriel who is a Lines men on my team. He in turn crosses it to our own territory--because a striker cannot travel back to her own territory at any point in the game--winning the game. 
The main role of the lines men is to defend their own flag by helping the guard in "jailing" an opposing striker, or they attack opponents who come into their own territory. 

Game Mechanics
Rounds- Every game has a total of 12 rounds with 6 posts in each round. This means that each team has 3 posts. Hence only 3 of their 5 players can post in each round. In each round, each team must include two lines describing the location of their own flag. These two sentences can be in one post or two players can write one sentence each. Eg. "I ran further away from my flag headed to the west side of my territory." 
On occassion this rule may be voided. This may be to a number of reasons. The team may have been awarded a penalty for posting their roster late, thus they lose a post each round. Alternatively, they may be awarded an extra post for their lines men to write up about "jailing" an opposing striker. This occurs when a guard successfully defends against a striker attack. When this happens, the striker loses 5 health points and are jailed until a player on their own team bails them out.

Players- As stated earlier, players get 25 weapon points for a maximum of 3 weapons. In addition to this, they also start with a total of 25 health points. If an attack against you was successful you lose health points depending on the strength of the attack. For eg. If Char was on the opposing team and attacked me with the Lightning Bolt I would lose 12 health points as that is the strength of the attacking weapon. If you were defending against an attack however, and was successful, your opponent only loses 3 health points, which is the standard points for fatigue. If you reach 0 health points you are removed from the game. This is called a "disposition" because that player loses their position in the game and is disposed. Once you have been dispositioned you do not get substituted. Sometimes it is wise to try and disposition your opposing teams guard as it would leave the flag open with only Lines Men as its defenders. Similarly, if the opposing teams' guard is disposition, that team cannot auto-jail.
In each round players can only have one action. For eg. I as a lines men cannot retrieve a team mate out of a jail and then attack an opposing player. That would be two actions. If more than one action occurs I lose one point from my post and then my team loses a post the next round. 

Ending the game- The game ends when a team successfully capture the flag and crosses it to their own territory. If after 12 rounds no one has captured a flag, the team with the highest accumulated health points (health points of all 5 players) wins. In the unlikely chance that both teams have the same amount of accumulated health points, a member of each team are to duel until one player reaches 0 health points. However, when this happens your duelist doesn't get any new health points added to their final points after the game. So, it might be wise to use the player with the highest remaining points. Eg. If player one had all of their 25 health points and they were to duel against a player with only 15 health points left after the game, the second player will be disadvantages as they would have a quicker chance of reaching 0.

Grading is calculated by: Roleplay(out of 25)+weapon points+dice roll(out of 6)
The success of your move is often calculated against the counter move of the opposing team.
For eg. Striker attacks a guard. He scores 20 in his rp, he used a lightning bolt which is 12 points and then the dice roll he rolled a 5. 
The guard in turn defends against the striker using the helm of darkness. His roleplay scored a 23 his helm is 10 points and he too gets a dice roll of 5. 
His scores are 23+10+5=38
Therefore, the guard has successfully defended the flag, and now a lines men on his own team may auto-jail that striker. 

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