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How are you liking the Demigod Camp so far?
I love it! I have wanted a site like this for ages 19

I like it, I would reccomend. 6

I like it, but not what I expected. 1

It's okay for a new website 4

It sucks, I didn't even get the cabin I want. 0

It really sucks. I hate it. Wouldn't reccomend. 0

May as well delete the site. No ones gonna use it. 0

30 votes
The Campsite
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Jannine's Music Portfolio
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Counselor Olympea 16th Nov 2013

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Jannine Bellainna

This is the music portfolio of Princess Persephone

Jannine has been singing for almost all of her life, she started at the age of three listening to the cassette tapes of her uncle, starting to sing songs including: Paper Roses, Boulevard and Sad Movies. 

Jannine was raised in a musical family where her father is a DJ and her grandparents and uncles were singers winning numerous singing contests, whilst her cousins were guitarists for bands. 

At the age of ten in the year of 2004 Jannine began her formal training with piano lessons. She performed piano in numerous concerts until she had to stop her training due to her timetable. At the age of eleven, Jannine joined the Miss Philippine Princess of Victoria Quest where she began her singing in public. The following year in 2006 she began her vocal training at Cutting Edge School of Music and then Vocal Arts Music. She had vocal training for three years performing in numerous concerts until stopping in 2009. 

2009 However, was a year that increased Jannine's skills and musical ability. This year, Jannine studied Certificate I in Cultural Recreation entertainment and Certificate I in Music Industry which she completed. This year she also joined a band where she was the bassist. Although she had never played the instrument before, she quickly learned to perform. At the end of this year, Jannine also was taught by her cousin to play guitar where she further taught herself.

In the year of 2010 she continued her study with completing Certificate II in Music Industry. This year she also joined another band where she was the vocalist as well as competing in other competitions. 

In 2011 although she stopped her training and her studies, she continued to self-teach herself and auditioned for The Voice Australia. She has also written songs used by church and school choirs, and is listed in numerous artist directories.

>>>Youtube Account<<<
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Counselor Olympea 21st Feb 2014

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"Where words fail, music speaks."
This post is reserved for an updated Music Portfolio.

Bit of musical background.
I have been singing since I was about 3. Did formal lessons for 4 years. Was in numerous choirs and competed in choir competitions.
I was taught briefly by my cousin to play guitar at 15 and have built my self on that.
Self taught in bass guitar since 2008 when I was 14.
Started writing music in 2010.

All Of Me - John Legend
Horcruxes - Kristyn Hippe
No Diggity - Blackstreet
Paper Roses - Marie Osmond
The One That Got Away - Katy Perry
Winter Wonderland - Christmas Classic
Don't Cry Out Loud - Melissa Manchester
Colours of The Wind
Let Me Love You/Cater 2 U - Ma ... /Destiny's Child
Taylor Through Time - Taylor Swift Mashup

Boulevard - Dan Byrd (Cover feat. my mum XD )

Because I Love Them - Jannine B.
I Dedicate This Song To You - Jannine B.
Priority - Jannine B.
Warrior of The Light-Jannine B.
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