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How are you liking the Demigod Camp so far?
I love it! I have wanted a site like this for ages 19

I like it, I would reccomend. 6

I like it, but not what I expected. 1

It's okay for a new website 4

It sucks, I didn't even get the cabin I want. 0

It really sucks. I hate it. Wouldn't reccomend. 0

May as well delete the site. No ones gonna use it. 0

30 votes
The Campsite
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A New Life Begins
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Counselor Olympea 16th Feb 2017

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Cleo stood at the entrance of Camp Half-Blood, afraid of the world that lies beyond. She had been standing on the outer border of Halfblood Hill for at least five minutes now, yet no matter how much she wanted to move her feet, she just couldn't. The butterflies in her stomach were making her sick. Could you even call them butterflies at this point? They felt a lot like mutant bats instead. 

"You can do this Cleo, you belong here!" Cleo said aloud to herself. Psyching herself for her entry. However, no matter how much convincing she did, she was still afraid. She had this feeling every time she would arrive at a new foster home. That feeling where she knew she wouldn't have that acceptance that she craved. 

She remembered that day when that satyr came dressed as a man in a wheelchair, willing to adopt her. Imagine her surprise when she later found out that he wasn't really adopting her, instead he wanted to bring her to this camp. All he did was give her and address and told her to appear and now here she is... standing, unsure of what to do. 

"Where do I even go once I cross the entrance?" Cleo once again asked herself. It's not like the Satyr gave proper instructions. It was merely hey you rock up to this address on this date okay? Pffft. 

With a roll of her eyes Cleo finally decided to cross the threshold. 
"It's now or never."

With a deep breath, Cleo crossed the line. 
Jace Beleren 13th Apr 2017

Joined: 20th Feb 2017
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Jace moaned as the sun's rays began to seep through the gaps in his cabin. Everyone was still snoring, which he expected. He was always the first one to wake in the morning, but then again, he was always a morning person. "Better get up Jace." Jace whispered to himself, squeezing his eyes tightly shut, not really prepared to get out of bed. 

He turned in his bunk. Left, right. Blanket on, blanket off. He wondered how Mike -- the camper on the bunk below him -- managed to sleep right through the ordeal. "Urgh." Jace huffed in exasperation as he threw off his covers and just accepted that he was not going to get anymore minutes of sleep. 

Jace moved towards the end of his bed and climbed down. He decided not to wear pajamas last night and so he was currently in some black trackies and a hoodie. "I may as well go for a run." Jace muttered to himself as he put on his old sneakers that he has worn for who knows how long. 

With that Jace moved towards the door of his cabin, bracing himself for the bite of the morning cold. 

Jace was running around the border of the camp when suddenly a girl ran straight into him as she entered the camp. 

"Oi watch it!" Jace yelled as he tried to regain his balance. Something about the girl was awfully odd. She seemed to be pre-occupied, scared even. "Is there somethin' I can help you with? You look a lil lost." 

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