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A Guide To Sword Fighting
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Counselor Olympea 20th Feb 2017

Joined: 14th Nov 2013
Status Child of Dionysus
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A Guide To Sword Fighting

Sword fighting refers to a duel between two fighters with the use of armory. In the Demigod Camp, official sword fighting tournaments are conducted between members of different cabins, using different weapons. 

Sword Fighting Tournaments are conducted in a single round robin. 

When the official Demigod Camp Sword Fighting Tournament opens a page will be available that looks like this. 

Whilst the tournament is active, spectators can comment on the tournament. In this section, you will also have the option to see the tournament details, the bracket, and the teams and players. 

When you click "Teams & Players" you will arrive at a page that looks like this. 

There are eight teams, for the 8 active cabins here on the Demigod Camp. Each team has 3 members. You can view the members for each team here. If your team captain hasn't sent the roster to Chiron, you may "join" the tournament by clicking join. However, please ensure that you are actually on your teams roster.

If you are already a member of the team on the roster, you may also "check in" which states that you are ready for the duel. Please be aware that the tournament will commence on its start time. The check-in function is for your team captains to decide whether to keep you as a fighter, or exchange your place for someone from the bench. 

Each member of each team competes in a individual sword fight against a member of an opposing team. Therefore, there will be 3 individual sword fighting tournaments. The team that wins 2/3 of the individual sword fights will win that round. 

When the duels begin, the bracket will become available, and look something like this. 


Chiron will update the winner of each round, and the ladder will automatically update. 

The Ladder looks like this. 

After the regular season, the top 4 teams will go the semi-finals where the 4 teams will compete in a single elimination. The last team remaining will be crowned the champions of the Sword Fighting Tournament and will win points for their cabin and new weapons. 
Counselor Olympea 20th Feb 2017

Joined: 14th Nov 2013
Status Child of Dionysus
Posts: 464
Likes 52

Mechanics of Sword Fighting

The Sword Fight
Sword fighting commences at the 00:00 hours on the scheduled start date in Long Island Sound time. It starts with Chiron introducing the sword fight in an initial post. Initial Offence and Defence is decided with a "randomiser." 

After the Offence and Defence is decided, Chiron will wave a white flag which will signal the start of the sword fight. 

Once the sword fight flag is waved, the offence has 24 hours to post their offensive post. From there, the defence also has 24 hours to post their defence. After an offence and defence has been posted, the round will be graded by Chiron, who will mark the end of that round. 


Roleplay + Weapon Attribute + Move Strength + Die roll
Your roleplay is graded out of 25 points using the following. 

Grammar [10]: You start of with 10 grammar points. With each grammatical error you lose 0.5points.
Entertainment [8]: Your roleplay will be scored out of 8 for its entertainment and creativity.
Readability [2]: You roleplay will be scored out of 2 based on flow and readability. Full marks if it fully flows and makes sense, 1 if there is some flow, and 0 if it makes no sense.
Move Choice [5]: Your choice of move will be scored out of 5 depending on its suitability. Eg. You use an offensive move in a offensive round, or you use a defensive move that is good for blocking the specific offensive move of your opponent. 

Weapon Attribute
All of the weapon attributes can be found on the  awards page.
Your weapon of choice will have certain attributes that will aid your score. 

For the offensive the "attack attribute" of your weapon will be added to your score. This is a score out of 25. 
For the defensive the "defence attribute" of your weapon will be added to your score. Also a score out of 25. 

If the offence wins that round the "damage" points of their weapon will be removed from the Health Points of their opponent. 
If the defence wins the round, they simply block the attack and in the next round it will be their turn to post their attack. 

Move Strength
Each sword fighting move has its own strength. For the full list of the sword fighting moves and their strengths, please see below.

Die Roll
A die roll out of 12 will be added to your score from randomiser. 

For every hour that a sword fighter is late, 1 point will be deducted from their overall score. 

Round Results
The fighter with the highest score at the end of the round will win that round. 

If the offence wins, damage points will be removed from their opponents' health. 
Damage is determined by weapon damage + move damage. 

If the defence wins, they simply block the offence and no damage will be removed from health points. 

Fighter Points
Health Points
Each fighter commences the sword fight with 25 health points. 
Health points are the "health" of the fighter. The first fighter to 0 Health Points, loses the sword fight. 

Health is damaged if the defence unsuccessfully blocks and attack. 
The damage is determined by the weapon damage attribute + the move damage of the offensive.

Strength/Stamina Points
Each fighter commences with 50 Stamina Points. 
Stamina Points relate to how "tired" the sword fighter is. 

Each sword fighting move has certain stamina points. If a fighter has 0 Stamina Points they may no longer use sword-fighting moves. 

Note: This does not mean that they've lost the sword-fight, however it will be very difficult to win a sword fight if you cannot actually do any moves. Your score will be based solely on your creativity. 

For each round that a sword fighter with 0 stamina points doesn't "die" --or lose all health points-- they replenish 1 stamina point. 
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